Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App revisa

Lovely And Fun Game But... (UPDATE)

So they fixed most of the glitching and bugs with TONS of updates, but they’ve gotten rid of “Daily Hub” I think that’s what it was called. They also got rid of a whole lotta songs... Now it’s just a heavy rotation of “L.A. Riots” and classical music... What the heck? Bring the other songs back! Or I will be canceling my yearly subscription.

Pretty entertaining

Reminds me of tap tap but I feel like you have to get it right on spot to get a good score.

Crash and the apps suddenly close

Group chat- I created group chat and try to invite people. Once i click “invite” my apps sounds glitch and suddenly close like crash or something. Can you fix this?

I want to like it

I tried very hard to enjoy this, just a few minutes ago aaa the final straw though omg. I get three notes into a song and then the whole thing glitches and fails me, this isn’t the first time either. This game has constant lag and skipping of notes which I’ve emailed about before to no response. Plus you rarely get any monsters above 3 stars, the constant micro-transactions are annoying, the constant ads are annoying, the fact that you only get like one gem every few levels is annoying. Ultimately I ended up deleting this because it was just very, very annoying. The gameplay was nice when it worked though. :)

Has VERY MUCH potential!

The game has a TON of potential! Pretty addicting and for sure worth a try! Thank you so much for the bug fix update, hope it's polished everything gonna give things a try and see what's different! I wish the best for this game and maybe in the future there will be more hip hop songs in the catalogue (no Trap music preferably) I imagine getting songs on here is pretty costly, I'm enjoying the current catalogue of songs but that will only take me so far.. the games amazing otherwise and shout out to my homie Brett Bruski! P.S: less classical music please.. I don't mind a few songs but still.. lol

Awesome game!

Love how it makes you play to the beat!! Very addictive and fun

Pretty awesome!!

The freaking best game every!

100% awesome

Best game I've ever seen

Pay to Play

No need to say more.


#most amazing Game ever


Need more rap songs....Not a lot but deftly the songs that’s top chart rap songs and if you really think about it those beats are hot. 1 artist would be Lil uzi but only 1 song from him which will be XO Tour


With this new update they promise you unlimited play in story mode. I had to say I was extremely excited, but they lie! I don’t have unlimited on normal story mode or VIP story mode. I still go threw energy, and can only play for a few mins at a time.

Good but somethings wrong.

When i play a song sometimes when im holding a note it skips the rest of that note and throws the whole song iff beat and messes me up greatly. I love this game but when that happens i cant beat the somg when its not playing right. Also when i lose my health and redo the song it just plays from where i failed with zero health so i would lose 7 energy just because of that. Please fix those issues they are sadly becoming frequent.


Why would you guys take away the little area that you can play games and collect coins


This app it’s all that i was searching for, simple perfect

Best game ever

This game is my fav that I have and it's really challenging witch I like that and addicting I would rate 6 but I can only fit five stars😏

Fast paced

It's fun and I'm a beginner. It keeps you on your toes/ fingers!

Tried to link to Facebook and game reset

I really wanted to give this a 5 star rating, but I can't. It says to link to Facebook to save your game progress, but when I went to do that the game reset. I tried to close the game and open it again, but it had me choose a character and go through the entire tutorial again. I had already chosen a username, and now can't recover it. Can't link to Facebook without it resetting. Not happy.

lost my things

i was playing for hours (just started the game) when it asked me to log into facebook, so i did. i lost all of the things i got before i logged in :-(

Best Music game

Really fun game

What happened to my save file?!

I was having fun playing this game, with a few negatives or so. Then one hour into the game, it wants me to connect it to Facebook. So I did as told. But then it said “you are logged out.” It did not log me out, it did something far far worse! It deleted my entire save file, forcing me to do all the boring, unskippable tutorials all over again just to get back to where I was! Waste of time! And no, It did not give me a log in button at the start.

Buggier than a Volkswagen convention

If this game were a bunny, its name would be Bugs. For example, I have a story quest to play a song that is locked; I've been unable to progress in story mode for weeks because of this. Assorted counters (including inventory and even energy/stamina!) sometimes don't work. I've gotten goals that are literally impossible, as in, hit more good notes than the song has. Not to mention the infamous hitching/glitching. The real kicker: it's NOT POSSIBLE to contact Support unless you link your Facebook account, which I refuse to do for any game for privacy reasons. When I attempt to submit a ticket, I get an "error: account not found" message. (NOTE TO APP STORE: If anyone from Apple is reading this review, please force WRKSHP to update their processes so that Facebook linking is not required to get basic app support. Don't let this kind of misbehavior slide.) So why do I still give it 3 stars? When the game isn't bugging out, it's actually really fun, and the music selection is amazing, as in how-the-heck-did-they-license-all-this awesome. (Hey, maybe that's where the QA budget went!)

My game is glitching

Overall I have playing this game for a few months it is fun I play it every time I can, ever since the recent update my game has been glitching by pausing me in the middle of the song I am playing or the music stops out of now where and it slows down a bit when I switching from the arena or to the story. I do love this game I hope that can be fixed

No Daily Challenges

Unless I haven’t been looking hard enough, you guys got rid of the daily challenges which were my favorite way to spend energy because they were always 6! Please bring them back!!

Broken game, garbage story

This game is fun, but only when it works, which is rarely. Constantly the game will freeze for about a second and lose you multiple notes which could cost you the whole song and ridiculous amount of energy that is needed for it, the song will lag and jump back by 5 notes, unsyncing the music with the notes and completely ruining the rest of it, notifications from the game, such as 'can't connect to the internet' (while it is connected to the internet just fine) will not pause the game, rather make you lose every note that plays while it's on screen and then pop up a few seconds later, the game is always redownloading all its songs every two days, which makes you wait until it's downloaded EVERY song for you to play one song that you'll probably lose from one of the buttons freezing, which just happened to me, and also after every single download, it says 'Oh no! Something went wrong!' not telling me what went wrong or why, but seems ridiculous for something to go wrong after EVERY SINGLE SONG, and it will probably make you redownload it again within the day anyways. Every minor bug fix update gets worse, like the past 4 updates, the icons for goals during songs were not aligned correctly and no one noticed for 2 more updates, and currently, the sound effects like boosting and getting an achievement is delayed by a few milliseconds, enough to irritate you. The energy is ridiculous, your limit rarely goes up, so when you get down to the last story you can only play twice every few hours. I've finished the last story section called Source (where you find out they very lazily named all of their story sections after the name of the song in the lobby, which gets very irritating very quickly), and it still says I've only done 50% of each room, and won't tell me how to finish them, most likely cause I'll have to pay for something. In the arena, you can be better than the person you're playing against, play on a harder difficulty, do better, but still lose only because they payed for their Beat Monsters during one of the poorly designed events that happen every other day. The story of the main story is terrible. I don't pay attention to it and click through, but when I do read it, it says something stupid like play this song to scare them out, play this song to start the boat, play this song while I catch my breath, they all are the same thing that just do different things, the same song could turn on the security system, and also kill the most powerful person alive. The songs don't get harder as you progress, so it gets stagnant fairly quickly. If I wanted a better story mode, I would probably have to pay for it, right? I'm more worried about the game breaking parts of the game than the story, so if that was fixed, I would be happy as well as many others that I know. Just checked on the new update, free UNLIMITED* play, with unlimited only being for a month so people can get far in the paid stories, then not be able to finish without paying to your garbage app

Stop Fixing What Is Not Broken

Beat Fever is an overall fun and dare I say addicting game, but due to the most recent update which claimed to fix general issues, my game continuously crashes whenever I try to travel anywhere in the game. Also, whenever I try to save the changes to my lineup, the new lineup will not save, keeping the characters I had previously selected, this becomes more confusing as when I go to change it, the new characters actually show up as the new characters in my team but when I actually start a round, it immediately reverts back to the old characters, I would be less angry about this but the lineup it is now stuck on is comprised of some of my worst characters, inhibiting me from reaching the goals, causing me to waste insane amounts of energy points just to fail over and over again. I would really appreciate it if you would remove the additional bug fixes that you had added to the latest version of the game, and go back to a version of the game with far less issues than the current version of the game. Edit: October 12th Now, though I updated the game, it still claims that I need to update it in game, prohibiting me from being able to play it at all. Fix your game!

Needed a replacement for tap tap. This was almost it. But not at all

The energy/stamina system is garbage. And if the game glitches you lose the energy you spent to play the song because it’ll exit you out of the song saying your health got too low. When it isn’t even your fault. It’s also very repetitive with songs. We need more options.


Buen juego

Loveeeeeeee this game!

Love the songs! So modern and fun!

Just a cash grab, the worst I've ever seen.

This game is ugh, the gameplay is great, it's fun and stuff but there are so many microtransactions and greedy cashgrabs it's just ugh. First of all, the songs are just clips, they aren't even the full song, it's like listening to the demo on itunes. Second is there is an energy system, it's aggressive and limits how much you can play. Then on top of that you have to pay $2.99 a week (with a free trial oh boi.) just to keep playing. But that's not all, it gets worse. Your score is based off these monsters you get from a gatcha machine which is basically gambling, the better monsters are harder to get and so forth, you use real money to buy them too as well as get em for rewards for playing, but even if you pay real money to spin the wheel, it makes you wait 8hrs to receive the monster you just spun for, and then it wants you to pay another .99 worth of ingame currency to speed it up. This game is absolute garbage filled to the brim with corporate greed, AVOID THIS GAME LIKE THE PLAGUE AT ALL COSTS... Literally just save yourself the stress and time and just get VOEZ (free) or Guitar Hero Live ($10)


I love this app it's really fun to be keeping your fingers busy and even listening to music while playing! Great app!!!

So fun!

Honestly, this game is so addicting and fun! I never spent so much time on a game before. I love the fact that (so far) you can advance without paying money!! It's a great free game, I hope down the line they don't make you pay for the app. I recommend everyone to get it!


It iscentertaining


It is very fun and you should get it

Awesome game!

I love it!

Good bugs

This is a great game! I've been waiting for a game like this to come out on mobile. But when I use my Beats Headphones the background music glitches out badly. Like it breaks my eardrums! Just a thought.

best game to have fun if u love music

if you love music and you want to feel it than this app is for you 😌

I loved it

It's addicting and it's fun


The left most key doesnt work properly when I play so i cant get the combos and points to proceed.


If ur into house and dubstep music then it's pretty fun to make ur fingers dance to new and classic jams from current & upcoming dis/producers! 👍🏾👍🏾


Music selection is on point would love to have more of it .

Love it

Awesome app to spend some time with great music!!

Ice Bear says, EPIC!

I love it and I'd loathe to delete it.

It’s a cool game but...

It truly is a fun game but what’s annoying is the fact that i tap the dots and it continuously tells me that it was missed or the note was bad. I watch myself tapping it... it receives a score and then it says it’s been missed. it’s so annoying. and plus the game is slow sometimes and glitches MID game. good game but fix obvious issues

Good game but too many bugs and game inconsistencies.

Seeing as I believe this game is still rather new, I'm a little easier on it. Overall the game is rather fun, especially for it being a free to play, and I have always enjoyed games like this since tap tap. However, this game has two "energy" systems and the one for arena and events is fine, however for your main story stamina, it is rather shotty, first off, if you're advancing through the game quickly like I am (I can currently play most songs on hard/pro with consistency) and as you get farther it costs more stamina to play a song, so it slows me down to the point where I don't really want to play as much anymore. Next, the checkpoint song completion system is pretty bad, I have actually had times where I get a full combo and it asks me to play a certain amount of good plus notes and it won't give me the pass on the song because I didn't play enough when I hit all the notes with a good plus because of the full combo. That paired with the lack of stamina is rather annoying. Also there is this multitouch bug where sometimes it'll not register my second finger because one is already on the screen and so I'll miss a note because the game blocks it or says I tapped somewhere else. Finally, this game started out seeming like it was free to play friendly, which it kinda is if you're average/mediocre at the game and stay on normal/easy modes but as you get higher, it becomes more and more pay to win because of the competitive aspect and the arbitrary requirements for points and other things just to progress in the story. Hopefully these things will be mostly fixed in the near future.


Very addicting game, great song selections as well as being able to customize your avatar . Great job

So much fun!

I only wish the songs were a little bit longer

This game honestly........

...... is pure fun!!!!!!! Don't pervert it with too much.....more....... pay to play stuff.


Great app great music. No delay on reading the taps. I love it

Fun and addictive!

Love this game. Has a lot of elements that made Pokémon Go fun. But also the music is awesome (except the classical songs but thankfully it’s mostly dance/house music) and playing the songs is really fun. You can see yourself improve playing the songs with practice. And I frequently get the songs stuck in my head all day. I’ll address the theee complaints I see most: 1. Lag - I can only speak to my own experience but I honestly only get lag during a song when I have a bad internet connection so lag issues happen pretty rarely for me. 2. Not enough energy to keep playing - That’s part of the genius of this game. Yeah I only play like 15 minutes at a time (including messing around with my beat monsters and poking around for missions). But the fact that I come right back as soon as I have a reasonable amount of energy means I’m pretty addicted lol. 3. “Pay to Play” - Haven’t spent a dime and I’m not having any problems. I’m currently level 15. Maybe this will be an issue in the future but I haven’t run into it yet. I’m playing in Arena with 2k beat monster teams and some teams are better and some are worse. When I was playing 1k teams it made me mad to go up against 2k teams but now I’m the 2k team. I feel a little bad but when I tier up I’m going to be the low man on the totem pole again. They should probably have more arena tiers tho to keep it as fun for everyone as possible.

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