Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App revisa

Great game!

One flaw is the boost button. You’re trying to hit as many notes as you can that there isn’t enough time to hit it. Overall, it is a little challenged and hard. But that’s the point. I like a good challenge here and there. Lives take a while to “recharge” which is okay. But otherwise, great music, amazing game! I love it :)

Great game

Very addictive!!


Love it!

Love it!!!!

It's so addicting however I don't like "losing health" so quickly like just within one song and then having to wait 30 minutes to play again

Don’t download

This game is absolute trash, my biggest issue is it only plays 30 seconds of a song at a time. What’s the point of that? This game is a tap tap wanna be that fell miles short of the original.


Would give 5 stars but despacito is on here so no.


the new update ruined the game. it used to be a fun little adventure and i loved finding beat monsters and growing my team. now its just like any other beat game. the layout is crummy and it took the whole appeal away. if you're smart, you'll change it back.

Error Problem ( BUG )

Haven’t been able to play this for days bc every time I click to play a song it loads and than a message pops up saying, “oh no! Something went wrong.” Than it closes and goes back to menu. Please fix this so I can enjoy playing again.. and I’ll give a higher rating

This is my favorite game hands down!!!

This game is so fun I get to listen to a wide range variety of artists and different songs. This game is simply amazing.

Horrible update

I loved this game before the update, since the update it seems that i cant do anything once i run out of hearts. Before this update i could do many other things with my hearts and stamina now it appears i can only access my hearts and the stamina just sits there; its annoying. Not to mention that its harder to navigate.



Awesome app!!!

Just wow speechless it's amazing

small bugs still

Absolutely love this game, but for some reason with this update my app crashes every time i go to use the story grab and it won’t let me play anymore until i empty it :(


When I click the app it always says “connection error” so I tap “try again” it it keeps doing it and it didn’t used to do that

Annoying bug

Ever since the new update the starting music has been playing over any song I play. It’s a little irritating that this keeps happening, even when I close the game completely and reopen it, I still have the same problem. Other than that, I think the game great!

Nice upsldate...

I kind like the look and feel of the new update but I can't play because the background music never turns on when I enter a song challenge. Two songs playing at the same time is chaotic and makes it impossible to play. Please fix this I loved the game before.

Bad update!

What happened?? This game was so great, but after an update there’s overlapping music!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ music from main page doesn’t stop once the game starts!

Fun at first but went downhill

This is one of my favorite games. I enjoy listening and playing to some of my favorite house artists. Recently the game has been crashing and won’t load any of my of the songs. It keeps telling me it’s having trouble connecting to the server, but for a few days now? Come on! I want to play the Showtek and R3hab playlists and it won’t load more than 10%. This is highly aggravating because I love this game soooo much. Hopefully this problem gets fixed soon because I don’t want to delete this game! >:(


This is good app, especially since I love edm, right type of game for me!

Amazing game

It’s really nice game! I love it!

Loving it

Omg I love this game I can’t stop playing this game I play it everyday it help me calm down when times are tough


The game is awesome no ad pops up 👌🏼

Love love love❤️❤️❤️

I just love it SO MUCH

Another review.

Again, it might just be my phone, but I am doing the levels fine, when I hit a note (like I would hit any other note) and it’s a miss. The vibration throws me off and soon enough I mess up the whole level. It all happens because I hit a note perfectly but the computer saw it as a miss. I even showed my sister as I was playing and she agreed. I also have a feeling that they only give 3 lives because they just want us to buy more when we run out. At least give us a descent amount. At least 10 lives would be great.

Reduce time

The game is incredible but f**king reduce the time where I need to get another life. Waiting 30 mins is stupid and I’m not gonna pay money for an extra heart. At least lower it to 15 mins and that be wonderful. At least consider looking into that.

Really fun but

Just drives me crazy you can't do full songs. Was excited cause I'm a huge fan of Monstercat and the artists but I just hate that I can't play the whole song

Jackass update

Why make this update it ruin the unique form in the game I wish I could have given it 0 stars for this update its trash and boring change it back.

It’s good but...

It’s all good and that, but there should be an option for people to select their own songs like access to Spotify and all that other stuff and people should also get to access their Spotify playlists and we should get to experience the whole song instead of a little snippet


Ever since I started playing, I never usually got any perfects but now that I’ve played for 2 years I get tons of perfects. When I lose a song I don’t like that it makes the song easier. How is anyone going to get better at the game if it just makes the game easier? The game is good, I just don’t like that feature.


I love the layout of the buttons and the gameplay, but the fact that there are lives and the ability to not be able to change the difficulty is stupid... and there’s too much story...

Could you add newer songs?!?

Hello! I am a big fan of Beat Fever and I was wondering if the company could put newer songs on there like some of BTS songs or something like that!

The new update

With its latest update they changed the layout of the game. I find it harder to navigate through the levels now and find it a bit annoying, because the old way it was setup if you where in the temple you could catch beat monsters to make your team better and kind free roam a little and explore the place a bit. I miss that layout of the levels and hope you guys bring it back. Sincerely, A fan of the game


mechanics are quiet awful.When i press the left button it doesn't even trigger while my phone works well... also there is no actual full songs just a little part of them

LEGIT music game with updates

FINALLY. A good Guitar Hero game for mobile, with real music, not a bunch of random or knock offs. Just played Steve Aoki AND Meghan Trainor. My favs. Wayyyy better than Guitar Hero since they update every week with new music releases from these artists. So the songs stay pretty fresh. Can’t believe something like this hasn’t existed before. The visuals are dope too and constantly get new looks updated. It seems like you can keep it casual or get pretty into the events, so seems best of both worlds. I pick it up when I’m waiting, or can sink in a couple hours when I get home. Have a great crew who are fun to talk to. Shout out to CReWz22!! Wrkshp can you guys get Explosions in the Sky? Would be super fun to play that. Or Slipknot. That would be nuts. Some tips: Pay attention to the challenges so you don’t lose any lives! Join a crew so you can work together in events. Join the fb page to get tips from other people. Try playing with the phone on the table and with 4 fingers (2 fingers each hand). Def get VIP. PvP is fun if you have friends. Fuse your monsters so you can score higher in events. Okkkk that’s a long list so far. Have fun!!!

Very work in progress

A lot of things about the actual gameplay have recently been improved, but menu graphics and accessibility took a major turn for the worse

👎🏻 update

You can’t have much fun cause you’re limited to 3 chest slots, and you can only open one chest and wait either 2 or 6 hrs. Monster slots are not that much..we need more space for monsters especially if we’re keeping them so they can power up and evolve. The game is fun. I enjoy playing it, but outside of it.. it’s just a mess. You’ll just get frustrated. All monsters have to be at max level and get special monsters and after you have all those, you still have to pay to evolve. Good beat game, but it’s always about the money (real money)..

Worst update by far

I really like this game, i play it almost everyday because i have nothing better to do and its really entertaining when you have nothing in your agenda. I love the music choices, but the recent update was just from ok to horrible.Stop trying to fix something thats not broken. I’ve never had any problems with this game at all only with internet issues when my wifi doesnt work but other than that to me the app was just fine how it was before the update.

Why the terrible update???

I used to love this game and played it every day. I tried it for the first time today with the new update and you guys ruined this game. No no no, please go back just update the music now and then!

Um, what happened??

OKAY SO- Pre Update 1.15- it was a fun game with a cool story line, and cool worlds that you could follow. I loved the design of the worlds and I liked how much fun it was to see your avatar in the world Now, Post Update 1.15- The graphics are lazy because it’s just a bunch of dots on a line. Where’s my avatar? BRING BACK OLD GRAPHICS It gets 2 stars because the levels are still fun, just not the whole new design.

Best music app

This is the best way to listen and EXPERIENCE music. It's like a playlist curator, a game, and a music discovery app all in one. Way to go

The updates

This game is great, but when you updated it...It just made the game even worse than it already was. It’s so confusing, I barely even play the game anymore. I think you should get rid of some of the new features, and replace them with the old ones.

What the hell

What is with this update!!! I really don’t like it you have made the worst update how can i catch now monsters and it was cool i could walk wheelie i want but now i can’t😔😔😔😔


Good one


It says that their was a problem every time I open the app and also could you add missions that have xxxtentation songs.


Ok game gets a bit boring but you should do add kpop bands such as Bts,Exo,Blackpink and others it will really attract more people too the app. Reason being kpop is growing and especially Bts fans.

Need better

I like the game in all because it’s very fun and you guys put good music but when I get a notification on my phone while doing a song it freezes for a sec or 2 then it says I missed and then a fail the game plz do better I don’t want to write anything more negative


This game is awesome. I love the competition

Used to be good

I mean this game used to be fun and maybe even addicting. i love the music choice and even the loading music i enjoy. i don't know if this is a problem with me or the app, but for a while now it hasn't been recognizing the most right side of the screen whenever i tap a note. this problem only occurs in fast paced music, though. so instead of getting a fun game, i end up extremely frustrated after playing "uptown funk" because it says i failed, even though i hit every note on time. please fix this developers.

It would’ve been five stars but mistakes were made.

I’ve been playing beat fever for months and Im pretty far into the game or at least was. I was logged in with Facebook and played on all different devices and now every time I log in with my Facebook it makes me a new account with that Facebook account. I lost everything that I worked for. For months and I’m not happy about it. I loved this game and this one mistake makes me never want to play this game again unless I get my account back.

It Worked Well Before

This game use to be really fun. Now it just lags and with all the changes from how it use to be is just annoying. Highly disappointed 😔

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