Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App revisa


Tiene despacito y regueton :/

Still needs work

I've been a fan of this game for some time now, but even with the updated new versions there are still some really frustrating aspects. The app still crashes in the middle of songs, loading time while traveling to different sections lags. Maybe the app just can't handle all that they're trying to jam pack into it. The new boss levels that have mines to avoid are an interesting challenge, but hitting one mine across three songs in a row and you're done is nearly impossible to beat. When a real note follows too closely to a mine, your accuracy has to be absolutely perfect or the game will register that you were just slightly late hitting the mine that came before the note. The new lives feature is cool, but when you lose a boss battle after only two seconds because the mines are too close to the real notes, it makes the game really frustrating and impossible to move forward. Fix these things and the game will be perfect! Update: I've had to reduce my rating to two stars since I wrote my original post, because I can't get past Zarina in the Temple (only the second hardest section) due to the new mines, lives features and crashes. Even if you can manage to pass the mines in the boss battles, the app always crashes by the third wave of songs which ends up costing me a life. I've been stuck on the same spot since I wrote the original review because the mechanics of the app are just not executing at a level that supports all the new features. I've been a longtime fan, but not being able to move forward really kills my vibe for wanting me to even continue trying. Until these problems are fixed, the game is just a disappointment. Are the wild Beat Monsters just entirely impossible to catch, or...? The newest update has some decided improvements for sure! The app stills crashes way too often, and most of the time in the middle of boss battles, right before or in the middle of the third song, forcing you to do the whole challenge again, provided that you can ever get through it without crashing! You're now allowed to hit up to 3 mines which helps a lot! Beat Monsters are easier to catch and sorted by best team for each color of song. The animations seem a bit jerkier and lag time increases if you play for too long. Still needs work but I'll add a couple stars because they are listening to complaints and really trying to make the app better! Ok what am I missing? It seems I have 3/3 stamina to use but I can't use them! EVERY section (main story, arena, events apparently used lives ONLY even though the blue stamina lighting bolt is present. Come on. All I want to do is play, and you're making it even more confusing and difficult to do so. Fix. It. Taking off a star.. I don't understand how updates are making the app worse. AI is completely off. You're only as good as your virtual opponent. I've been downgraded to normal difficulty for who the hell knows why. The game isn't s challenge anymore. Rather, it's a frustrating pile of you know what that masquerades itself as a fun free app but ultimately just can't provide what it claims to offer. Seriously disappointing.


Game is fun but it way too money oriented theres plenty of free to play games that let you play without HAVING to purchase anything its just an option. In this game you need to or else you only have about 10mins of playability. People will still pay to win let the Free to play players play freely.

Don’t bother.

The tutorial: it teaches you how to hit the notes, and their different types. However, it’s difficulty is just insulting. They say “now let’s try something harder” or “can you beat this?” and all you’re doing is hitting what, five notes? After that it just leaves you. You’re going to have to tap around and explore yourself to figure anything else out. Art: Not my style, and I doubt many people’s, but don’t let that stop you. It’s a nice style, if you can see it from another perspective, and yeah, everything’s fine. Except. The clothing. As someone who has designed clothing for both personal art and characters in too many AUs to count, I just can’t work with it. Having a punk rock rebel style doesn’t equal... that. It’s just gotta be a no. Gameplay: Simple, not much going on. There’s three different types, the basic tap, swipe, hold, and really nothing much to say about it. The timing range in which you hit your notes is pretty big for a rhythm game, but I haven’t found any way to calibrate yet. That’s about it. Storyline: So you’re on your way to become a rebel. Nice. There’s something called a collective, basically the antagonists, who are seeking to do something with beat monsters. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, though that’s probably a me thing. Nothing really wrong about it to point out, except it is just a little vague. Beat monsters: Some are cute, some are hideous, meh. If you like Pokemon go, great. If you were absolutely terrible, don’t download this. Srs. They’re a little hard to get, and what I mean is I have no idea what I’m doing with them. Apparently they increase score, which is needed to advance and have skills, though I haven’t managed to figure out much. Songs: I don’t really listen English songs, so I can’t say much, but they are definitely not they type or songs you would use for introduction. Given they are in the rock/pop genre, understandable why they be used in this game, but they’re just good introductory songs, if you get what I mean. Maybe if I get into English songs I will be able to digest it, but until then, no. Objectives: Hit 204 notes. Ok. That would be easy if, you know, if there were more than 206 of them, but sure. Still passable, but like, really. Really. Then there’s the score goals, which basically rely on beat monsters. Now I’m going to compare this game to others. This is meant for comparison, not for bashing the game, but I suppose I could do that? Oh well. The note difficulty isn’t that hard. You have games like Tokyo 7th sisters hitting you with 4 different types, throwing in a whole new style. If you’re not good at tap swipes yet, don’t even look it up. Don’t. Love Live also has three, but with slides rather than swipes, although those only show up in Masters mode. Until then, just two. The difference between this game and those is speed. These come fast no matter what level you’re at, something questionable. The story is there, have another game with a story. Deemo. This game has a story meant to last and take you through hundreds of levels, but by doing so it’ll fill itself. Deemo just takes you through the story, quick and easy, should only take a week if you grind. In doing so, the story is much better. Granted they are very different styles, but if you’re looking for story this game isn’t going to work out well. Songs are fine. They’re popular songs in America(?) somehow, but it feels like it’s feeding of their popularity to get players. Downloading the game now would be like going back and listening to the old songs from years ago, something players might appreciate, but it takes itself too far. Cytus takes songs from people who aren’t really known outside their area, and by that really limited area, not by country. By that I mean only known by half of Japan, or restricted to Taiwanese viewers, or that one guy in Luxembourg. If you know where that is, props to you. Those get featured and give us a chance to explore, even if some are trash. We get to explore a little, instead of listening to one type from one country. Easiest to hardest, MAX difficulty. Because really, who even plays easy anymore? Aichu - Dancing Line - M.Runner - Beat Fever(this) - (Piano Tiles) - P.Muse - Arcaea - Love Live - 7th Sisters - Deemo - Dynamix - Cytus - VOEZ I know this is actually really long for some reason (sorry) and some things may be incorrect or changed or some things might come up and change my opinion, so this ‘review’ will be edited at some point. Again, WILL BE EDITED if SOME THINGS INCORRECT OR CHANGED

Worst update yet

Played religiously and Absolutely loved this game but every few weeks you change it to something completely different. The latest update 1/12 is HORRIBLE!! Impossible to figure out what beat monsters we have or how to merge them. I was on the highest level of the arena and now it closed everything. Worst update yet :( Stop trying to fix a game that is working fine

Awesome update!!!

The game feels MUCH more organized and easy to follow with new update! Thank you

Could of given it 0 stars if I could

Just got a new update today that lasted between 4-6 hours. Changed the game completely for the worst. I tried to play in Events a few minutes ago, and they give you a computer generated team, although it gives you the highest possible outcome for a specific color song , some persons choose a different color regardless because of a chance to earn higher points because of the fact that event stages have 4 rounds of different color songs. The next problem the update has is, if you didn’t get any high level monsters from before this update, you are literally screwed, don’t waste your time with the app because you’ll have to pay loads of cash, it’s cheaper to avoid it. Before the update they had an option to win premium grabs from events, now the options are full of gems and gems cost money. It turned from a chance game to a literal pay to win game, then they give you these chests now that contains the items you use to get from spinning equipment and booster grabs in the chest to make it feel as if you’re gaining something in return. Highly Dissatisfied. Not only is the new update literal crap, but before the update, I had about 1000 premium grabs saved up for a chance to win at least a decent monster. My gifts are full of grabs and nowhere to spin them now. I’m praying for a new similar app to come and destroy this one, because this was a horrible move the developers have made. Point Blank.

I’d rate higher but the new update doesn’t let me play

Please fix soon I love playing this game in my free time


I just downloaded it aaaand it won’t let me in??

Fun when it works.

Fun when it works, but can’t catch any monsters and errors out often.


Why the hell would you release a new update while it’s still under maintenance?

Nothing but a shameless cash grab

You have to pay for everything otherwise you end up nowhere. You have to pay for energy. You have to pay for music. You have to pay for vip. PAY. PAY. PAY. PAY. PAY. You don’t even get to choose the songs and the songs that are given to you aren’t even the full song. They’re just snippets of the full thing. You will never make it to the end of a song because they don’t exist here.

It’s good but you need to take this off

When I downloaded this game the first time I loved it but then I got bored and deleted it but I download again but why did you add a Pokémon GO feature for catching them it’s dumb and so hard to do and they keep braking free so I’m deleting this until that feature is gone!

Has improved but still need work

I love this game but this new monster catching thing is cool and all but you guys need to fix it asap the aim and throw is terrible cant hit the monster or won’t throw disk at times and you can’t really tell if the monster is far or close and I’ve played a lot of Pokémon go but never missed this many times or had problems knowing how far I gotta throw the disk definitely gotta fix that guys otherwise the rest of the game its getting better and better keep up the good work

Gameplay is great, app not so much

The app crashes when opening at 94%. this happened before, after a previous update but I thought I was fixed with the next update but here we go again

Yep the server

Love it but servers are kinda trash

Doesn’t work

Every time i get through the first song it says uh oh something went wrong and it starts over like u never played it yet. I’ve missed this type of game and haven’t found a worthy game like this in a long time and was hoping to find a winner but was wrong. Will keep it around for a couple weeks and if it’s not fixed adios.


it’s a good game with a great concept, except when i tap exactly on the beat, i don’t get the highest amount of points. it almost feels wrong because i have to tap later than the actual beat.

Not really what you expect

Before the update hit this would have been a 4. But now it’s a 2 because of many things. First of I’d like to say. Seriously you need to catch monsters now?! They said there was a tutorial but I never got it. So how am I supposed to learn. Since the tutorial didn’t pop up whenever I try to catch a monster the discs are so unreliable. They hit but don’t actually catch the monster. Second, harder boss fights. I think adding mines and candy were stupid. Third is getting gems. It is extremely hard to get gems. You can get one a day from mission which and tough to do or impossible or get shards from videos or generators. I think you guys should improve clans a lot more though. They really aren’t all that helpful.

They tried to do something like Pokémon go and that ruined it

Overall it’s a great game but then they tried to do the thing where you catch monsters and it has the same sort of mechanic as Pokémon go and that kind of ruined it.

My favorite song

I wish a song called born to live By A bout a mile

Great great great game

It’s all you could ask for in a music game... but more... it has a storyline and you can customize your character/avatar in the game... it is basically like a handheld guitar hero

Super fun!

I am a very musical person and this game is perfect! It gets you moving and paying attention. Yes at times it can be super difficult but in my opinion I think challenge is what makes a good game so it’s not boringly easy. Interacting with other players on your crew and building up each other is a great add on. I love everything about this app! <3

Missions and Mines

The game itself, before the update, was fine well except the the whole energy system where it drained so quickly after 2 songs. However, there is so much problems with this that it is not even fun anymore. Like the mission where the main objective is to avoid the mine, it is not fun since considering most players before the update have the habit of playing by tapping all the beats, and specifically it is not fun when the numbers of mines to avoid is so low making each failure so high. Especially when mine notes and notes are so close together it will register the mine as a hit. The game, after the update, is terrible with missions furthermore, since after achieving the number of accuracy, such as “291/291 Good+ Beats”, the mission would still deem it as a failure and the character telling you “You need to hit 0 beats more” what is up with that?! Everything is fine and dandy. I like the 3 lives system where you get to play endless and numerous of songs, but with mission specificity after the update, the fun it just taken away without the music. What’s the point of having “avoid the mines” if the whole point of the game is just to “be the master of the music” or follow the beats. Also thanks for deleting all of my progress files that I have played weeks or possibly months on, and now I am now going to be stuck on the same mission because the mission just only requiring so much attention than following and getting lost into the musical beats. Edit #1: What’s the point of putting the mission of “Avoiding the mine 0/33” if people’s health point are around 36 and pressing the mine would do 4 damage. Literally what’s the point? Pressing the mine would cause 4 damage per each mine and you guys set the numbers so high on how many mines to avoid. It is illogical. Also fix the spacing of the mine and the notes, the mines are so close to the mine to where it will only register the mines instead of the actual notes tapped. And the capturing the monster system, I prefer the random luck catching rather than the whole Pokemon Go ripoff. Final Edit: The game have reached it’s purpose to where the story mode is beatably enjoyable, as the songs are still enjoyable. However, after finishing the game, there is nothing left to do besides battling other players and catching monsters. I wish there was more story to the story mode where I can enjoy each new musics and challenges without the needing to pay money. Though the one problem I have with this game is the monster catching system, because it is near-impossible to throw without clearly knowing how much power is put into the throwing and the lack of shadow of the monsters to see how far they are.

Best game!

I love this game.If your looking at the ratings debating on getting this game,GET IT! It’s so fun!

Three Stars

I like the game it’s fun but I don’t like the mine feature there are too many mines in a song and if you hit one the games over. I think you should be able to hit at least 3 or just remove the feature in general.

Great potential

This game is really fun, but the constant crashing makes it hard to play. I've had to play boss levels several times more than would be necessary solely because the game crashes in the middle of a song...really frustrating when you're about to beat a hard song. I'm about to give up on this game, which is sad because it's a great idea for a game. Also I feel like the beat monsters aren't explained very well and I have a hard time catching them.

It’s impossible to catch a Pokémon

Like what in the world were you thinking, man since last update it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to catch a lvl 1 beat monster, how are you supposed to get one of a higher lvl, please fix your RNG system.

Labrador hore

Okay this is so hore and sexy I love this game

It crashes.

The game is amazing. But I can’t play because it crashes. Please fix it.


Look, I love the game to death. Or at least, I used to. But ever since they gave that new mini-feature about capturing the monsters with my disks I have been BEYOND ticked off. It does not work AT ALL for me! I have tried at least seven times in a row to get the monsters and I throw the disks in the center and between the orange guidelines and I never get them! It’s completely bogus! I hate it to bits and would absolutely love it if it didn’t include this feature as a part of the game. It wouldn’t even be an issue if I were able to get monsters some other way, but I can’t. And I need them to get higher scores. My point is, enough with the Pokémon Go rip-off. It’s unnecessary in my opinion and I would like it to change. Thank you. xx angry reviewer

Great game!

So let’s get over with the good things then bad; I love how energetic, fun, and rhythmic this game is. The music is great, you can get great people in your crews and so on. One thing I was not happy with, was the new ‘Pokémon style’ catching beat monsters. I like how they tried to contribute it within the game, but it just doesn’t work for me. I once got a stunned monster, used ALL three of my disks, hit it each time, but it still didn’t work. I also got reset to the beginning of the game so hopefully you can fix that. That’s all but overall great game.

Lags so bad

This game seriously lags so bad every time i tap on a note it lags and i just earn a lot of misses which results in me having to waste another life because of losing. I’ve check everything i use iphone 7+ and the lag wasn’t from my phone please fix the lags.

Mini-Game Nightmare

I cant deal with how horrible the mini-game for the monsters is. Otherwise, the game is fun but I had originally given it a 5 star rating and removed 2 of them JUST BECAUSE of how difficult it now is to catch monsters...👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

Fun but irritating.

It's fun and addicting but the new capture system is really irritating. Even if you go through the rings you miss it and the video to teach you how to catch beat monsters doesn't exist. And if it does I couldn't find it after spending a half hour looking through it. I liked the old system better. At least with random chance I had a better chance of catching the monster.

This game is sick

I love this game

Super fun

Super addicting and it's a lot of fun and if you ever need to waste time this game makes time fly by


It's a fun game but gets to a point where it will crash every song as you beat it to stifle progress. I have beaten the same song easily 25 times to have the game crash after the completed screen comes in the campaign, and when I return to the app immediately my lives have been depleted and it says I never completed the song? I may have ever bought into one of the many, many overbearing cash grabs if I could just get through songs I've completed. It's a fun game but it crashes constantly between the arena and campaign areas and crashes during and after completing songs only to take you life from you and make you play the songs again Some songs would crash 4-7 times after beating before it would not crash and count it, some never passed, game deleted, tried many updates and "fixes" to get this to stop, game is simply bugged and unfinished. Trash really.

Good game

It’s a good game

It’s good but...

The game is really great and i’m obsess but the new update was ok I don’t like the candy and the mines now. Plus when I need to catch monsters my game freezes. During a song if I get a notification like Snapchat the song freezes and I miss a note they need to fix that. EDIT: They updated the app again. It was worse than before. I changed my rating to two stars because of how horrible the new update is. The game is more glitchy than it was before. The mines are made to look like actual notes so annoying. If someone were colorblind they wouldn’t be able to tell if it was a mine. Also if I hit a note it tells me I hit it perfectly but then changes it to a missed note. They need to fix that

Everything reset

I played this game for like 5 months and I get on today and everything I did was gone and I spent so much money and time in this game and now I don’t know what to do

Lives vs. energy????

So the new system is all about the red hearts (our lives), but if that’s so...WHY THE F**K ARE WE STILL GETTING ENERGY? I go back to the game to play a tiny bit and see 206/29 energy. What are the developers gonna do with those energy? We can’t use em in the game anymore. In fact: I’d rather have the energy instead of the 3 little lives. Last thing: on regards to catching monsters now...IF I WANTED TO PLAY POKÉMON GO, I BLOODY WELL WOULD. I loved the whole play a beat monster song and you got it right then. This new mini game of catching the monsters is a waste of shitte.

How wonderful!!!!😀

The most amazing app ever. I absolutely love ❤️ this game so much. 🦄 AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

It is a good game, but...

It's fun, it's a good game, but it would be a lot better if it didn't crash so much! It always crashes in the middle of my game!!!


I love it


Honestly I would suggest updating some songs and other than that I love the game

Fun but...

This game is an insanely fun game! I was happy to see that you guys added even more songs to it. There are a few things I would say could be better. For one the lives. I WANT to play this game but when I’m only playing with 3 lives it isn’t fun at all. Maybe add a toggle for boost so you aren’t having to press it which can be difficult on the fast songs. Overall great game


I wish they could add a feature where if you already completed a level it wouldn’t waste your energy


Fun and great music I'm Enjoying it very much

Needs Improvement!!!

It's easily a very addictive game to be used as an idle time waster BUT UNFORTUNATELY, the game CONSTANTLY crashes. I wish I could give this game a higher review due to the fact it has current songs and is overall a fun game, but the crashing and constant app crashes really deters any hope for that.

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