Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App Reviews

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I love this app. It’s so much fun and I really enjoy playing. Only issue is that I have 2 chests that only open with an ad, problem is.. there’s never any ads. It’s now been 2 weeks and I still can’t open either chest. Please help

Just another terrible Pay To Win game

PTW with terrible customer support. Nearly everything is locked behind a pay wall and there’s literally nothing that tells you that until you’ve wasted your coins trying to get to something (like generators). Unlock the generator with coins but oh, what’s this? Must be a VIP to use them! What a waste. The entire game is rigged for those who don’t have their ridiculous VIP pay to win package. There are “tap-slide” notes and one day they just stopped working for me. I can’t complete any challenges because I can’t hit those notes, they count as misses. Been trying to get customer support to do something for nearly 3 weeks now and still nothing. “It’s a problem on my end” is their generic response to any sort of issue. Don’t waste your time with this game.


Good songs and fun to play DDR for your hands


Si te gusta la música este juego es para ti, con mecánicas extraídas del afamado juego "Guitar Hero" este juego tiene de toda la música, en lo personal me gusta cuando es música electrónica porque te sientes DJ. Me encantó este juego, 100% recomendado.

Bear fever

Best game ever

keeps me busy for hours

this game is really fun !!

Good but...

I think this is a really good game, but honestly everything costs way too many coins. So much that you can never possibly get them with the amount of coins you can get during a song... and the limited amount of monsters is frustrating too.

Super addictive

I absolutely love this game and can’t stop playing! The only reason I wouldn’t give it five stars is because of how dramatic the updates can be, the look is always changing and can be confusing sometimes.

Needs a lot of work..

Here’s some things about Beat Fever that I’ve noticed need a LOT of improvement 1. In the arena a lot of times you’ll put me with someone that has a monster level (idk what to call that) wayyy higher than mine. Mine will be 1000-2000 and theirs will be 3000-4000 and it’s impossible to beat so it’s frustrating 2. Sometimes you don’t put enough notes in the songs for the challenge. I was doing a combo challenge and it literally told me I got a full combo but I didn’t get the combo I needed for my challenge?? And I was doing a boss and i didn’t miss a single note and I didn’t get enough candies to beat the level 3. The lag and the crashes!! I’ll try to load into a level and it’ll take 20 mins or it’ll say it’s downloading songs but there’s no songs being downloaded!! 4. After the original beat fever levels, all the other levels are ridiculously easy to the point it gets annoying. I can beat 10 of the little story things in an hour cause I just can’t lose them. Please make more challenging levels I’m bored Fix these and you’ll have a 5 star app again

More music

Excellent game, just needs a bigger selection of music.

Great game

I never write reviews but this game is amazing, I found it on an Instagram advertisement and I thought it isn’t that cool but downloaded anyways and I’m addicted now haha

Won't open

Can't even open the game.

Fun at first but went downhill

This is one of my favorite games. I enjoy listening and playing to some of my favorite house artists. Recently the game has been crashing and won’t load any of my of the songs. It keeps telling me it’s having trouble connecting to the server, but for a few days now? Come on! I want to play the Showtek and R3hab playlists and it won’t load more than 10%. This is highly aggravating because I love this game soooo much. Hopefully this problem gets fixed soon because I don’t want to delete this game! >:(

Love this

So much fun

One thing that ruins the game.

All around I like the game, although there is this one thing that pisses me off so much. When I’m playing my matches all of a sudden the buttons don’t register my taps, and my life gets drained away. I’f this was fixed this game would be an easy five stars. This has been happening since I got the game in 2017

Fun but frustrating

I really enjoy this game, but if I have to play Despacito one more time I’m going to throw my phone at the wall. I got stuck on one of the boss levels with Despacito before finally getting past it after SIX tries. Then the next song was friggin DESPACITO. AGAIN. I mean... seriously? And that took me 2 more tries. Just imagine listening to that song EIGHT TIMES. Variety is the spice of life, guys. Just sayin. I wish there was a way to pick a different song at the same level like in the Arena mode. That would make this game way less frustrating. Also more than 3 lives and/or a quicker refill wouldn’t hurt 😁

Really fun and great beats but lots of glitches

The game is awesome with catchy songs going along with the beats yet every now and then it glitches out on you and you miss notes which can cost you the game. Also, the game only uses the main parts of each song instead of the entire song (aka the catchiest part of it) and you only have 3 hearts (chances) to beat it and it takes 1/2 and hour for each heart to regenerate. Of course if you’re patient and quite good at rhythm games this won’t be too much of a problem. But plz do try to fix the glitches in the future.

Got logged out

I literally had a lot of coins, chest, and the little robot people and it told me I had to log into Facebook and I did and then out of nowhere it says, “you have been logged out” and when I logged back in all my stuff was gone I had nothing left and now I have to start over.

Fix Crashes Please

I just got this app and every time I start this app, it crashes and I cannot make a customized character. Nor can I play any of the gameplay within this app due to the fact that it continues to crash. Please fix this because from videos I have seen, Beat Fever looks like a good and highly fun app.


For some reason it’s saying I cannot connect to the server to check my internet and my internet is working perfectly fine can u fix this issue?


I love his game I play all the time, wish there was more songs but it’s a nice game. good difficulty levels it’s nice for a fast pace game.

Love it

I wish there were more songs, but other than that it’s a great game that runs smoothly


I mean it’s such a amazing game but it plays the same songs over and over but recommend to download it


Great songs, amazing story line, solid graphics

I love it!!

I love this game!! It’s incredible but could you please add songs by Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots?

Awesome, could be a little better.

The game is amazing but I just wish there were more popular songs. You end up getting repetitive with the same songs over and over again.


It’s the best it keeps you wanting to do it more I think it’s addictive to me but that my opinion of it, it’s amazing




Its a great music tap game

It gotten worse than before

It was so much gave u so much more freedom but now the game is just force u to do what it want.

I used to love this game

But with the update it crashes ever other song I play.

Not feeling it

You don’t get full songs, only clips. I have played a lot of rhythm games on iOS and consoles and this app is just missing something. It’s not fun and as you get interested in the song it suddenly ends. I’d recommend checking out the other rhythm games available.. especially Tapsonic and BanG Dream.

Keeps Crashing

I can’t even get past the loading screen without it crashing 😐

Best music game ever

It reminds me a lot to dj hero, It's perfect for the phone, love this game.


I want to play but the game has something wrong and send me back to loading .. I’m waiting like 2 week if you guys can fix it soon...

Buttons too small

The game itself is very fun, and from what I can tell the only rhythm game that isn’t annoying anime music. My problem is the incredibly small buttons. Most other rhythm games have the screen sideways, so you don’t have a total of one inch to fit four buttons into, but this game uses the phone vertically, making me miss notes, most commonly corner notes, because only three quarters of the bottom of the phone is used, decreasing button size even more.


So much fun

a LEGIT music game with real songs

FINALLY. A good Guitar Hero game for mobile, with real music, not a bunch of random or knock offs. Just played Steve Aoki AND Meghan Trainor. My favs for sure. It’s also wayyy better than Guitar Hero since they update every day with new music releases from these artists. So the songs stay pretty fresh. Can’t believe something like this hasn’t existed before. The visuals are dope too and constantly get new looks updated. It seems like you can keep it casual or get pretty into the events, so seems best of both worlds. I pick it up when I’m waiting, or can sink in a couple hours when I get home. Have a great crew who are fun to talk to. Shout out to CReWz22!! Wrkshp can you guys get Explosions in the Sky? Would be super fun to play that. Or Slipknot. That would be nuts. Some tips: Pay attention to the challenges so you don’t lose any lives! Join a crew so you can work together in events. Join the fb page to get tips from other people. Try playing with the phone on the table and with 4 fingers (2 fingers each hand). Def get VIP. PvP is fun if you have friends. Fuse your monsters so you can score higher in events. Okkkk that’s a long list so far. Have fun!!!


This game is such. Amazing game finally a game that reminds me of guitar or d j hero


Great game

Awesome time killer

I love this game! Creating groups, play against others, and training your brain in functioning faster. I even use my two stylus pens for a better tapping! And I found myself a new playlist 🎵


Im inlove wd this Game

How do I miss

Every time there is two note I have to hit. I miss when I clearly hit it. Please fix


I have fun playing this game


As a raver and edm lover... this app is amazing


I loveeee itt


Love it

Take a slower pace

If your still a beginner right after you finish the tutorial challenges these that are so hard you can’t complete them until you have gotten way better at the game!

Great Game!

The game's great as it feels like a Guitar Hero for mobile and that's amazing. I feel the game could do better on the gem issue, I understand needing to make money and I'm all for it, but for any free to play player, anyone wanting to open those exclusive secret chests after the chest openings just can't, like not even maybe once a month or something it feels. I guess it doesn't matter too much since you can beat the game without paying at all. Great game though overall it is worth your time


I would love to see more dubstep and electro artists other then that I really enjoy it

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