Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App Reviews

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Not Too Bad of a Game

Pretty decent game only thing I don't care for is how quickly u lose energy. U get to play like 4-5 songs and your done for some hours unless u pay. Definitely been lookin for a game like this just have never been into paying for when I need energy or that stuff. Only other thing is the lagging when playing the songs. Other then that it's pretty fun.

Extremely Glitchy

Every since the last 2 updates, the game has been extremely glitchy. Every time I try to add charms to my beat monsters, I have to get out of the screen and come back for it to be added. There are songs that say that they are hard and come up as Pro. The songs that they are one color and has certain requirements. When I beat the appropriate beat monsters and start the song, it is something TOTALLY different. For it to take so long to get the energy to play, the glitches are causing me to waste energy. FIX THE GAME!!!

I love it

I love this game so much I mean I know I don't visit once in a while but it takes up a lot of space you know lol

it’s fun, but...

it’s fun don’t get me wrong, but it’s soooo glitchy. every time i go into the app, it freezes and the background music always freezes as well. i constantly have to exit out of the app and refresh it. when i’m playing a song on it, it doesn’t run smoothly and it skips, which 9 times out of 10, results in me failing the challenge. not that big of a deal, but when you have to use 9 energy bars for each song, it gets rather annoying.

Needs an update

I started playing this and I love it. But now that iOS 11 has come out I just continuously have issues. Please update so I can enjoy playing again.

Lags during songs

It’s a great game but recently every time you’re in the middle of a challenge, the app glitches for a second and makes you gets missed or bad notes. I also keep getting a connection error notification in the middle of the app. My wifi is on full bars and it’s never done this before. Please fix.

Nice work

Love the 🎶

Amazing BUT..

I really love this game, reminds me of tap tap revenge which I miss so much. The only problem is that I can’t waiting for energy to play. I know the app makers have to make money somehow but keeping people from playing the game shouldn’t be one of them. Maybe try adding music packs so people would actually be interested..?

Honestly, I liked the game..

I've been playing for a little over a month now, it started off decent. It was, and still is, a new game so you can't be that upset over little bugs, it's to be expected. However, I'm still dealing with these same bugs. Lags, missing notes, energy loss, daily missions refusing to count. It's like, for every bug they try to patch, they create 100 more and just make the one thing they were trying to fix, worse. Today I was screwed over and support says they can't do anything about it. Very typical of support, btw. They seem to know nothing of the game from what I've witnessed in my various support tickets. Honestly, I'm upset I've wasted time on this game bc they honestly seem to care more about looking good than actually being a playable game. Download at your own risk though.

♥️ it very much!!

I love this game very much! It is a very fun game and I hope this game keeps getting better and better! If you haven't added this song, please add Stay from Alesia Cara, it's my FAVORITE song!! Thank you for making this game!

It's lit

I love it So much, thank u Jesus amen

More variety

The game itself plays really well, I just wish that there were more songs, or at least a different genre. If you don't like techno pop, I would not recommend getting this.



Can't leave crew

Although I've rated it five stars because that game overall is absolutely worth it. I am unable to leave my crew... it keeps saying I can't leave while in event. Plz fix


Very fun enjoy the arena and the complexity of the beat monsters. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves music and wants to jam out!!

Overall great game

There's still some bugs that need to be fixed . There's days where I'm playing easy mode then the songs become hard mode and I never picked it . Some glitches during song play and it causes me to lose . Other time my health can be at 36 and I can finish the whole song with full health and Bria tells me I lost health . Minor fixing needs to be done


Super fun and actually has good songs up-to-date!

5 stars man

Is game is so cool and fun it makes me want to be one of these people


Great game. A lot of fun!


This game is the worst, I got it because I remember the tap tap series that would feature full length songs. This app and the songs they feature are not even in sync with the tap rhythms. It's a dumb app honestly. Not for those who pareciste music.


Only problem is you don't get enough energy.




This game fills the void for all music lovers! You don't have to be a gamer to love this game. You can play LIVE with all of your favorite DJ's whether they are in their studios or playing live at festivals. This game crushes DDR, Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Hero and Rockband!! I've been waiting for a game like this for so long and it's finally here. I've been playing this game non-stop and literally dancing to the beat in my chair at work. Joining crews makes it even MORE fun cause I can sit here and play with my friends and coworkers and jam out to the same dope tracks. Playing against other crews in a live PVP is craziness...CRAZINESS. It's just wild. You can play an ENTIRE CREW of people and straight up battle them in real time and earn some dope rewards. There are so many crazy features in this game that I have to carry around my 22,000mAh battery pack with me like white on rice. You can play in live events every weekend with REAL ARTISTS...yes...the actual ARTISTS PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOU! I could literally go on and on about this game. I don't see myself not playing any time soon. I'm straight up addicted! Make sure you play with your headphones to jam out while you play. I haven't even been using Spotify or Soundcloud because all my favorite tracks are in the actual game AND you can play them AND you can play them with your friends.


Hella fun app



Very fun game can't stop playing it

I love to play this in my free time and school and home and I love that it has new songs like handclap and a variety of artists some of the songs I have played are super bass runaway baby chandelier and so many more popular songs

Beat Fever

I love this app😘✌🏽

Love love love it

Love this game! I've been searching for a good rhythm game for a while now, finally found it! This game is colorful and bright, fun and energetic, and has great songs. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I don't really like how it sets the difficulty for you at first. In order to play on a difficulty comfortable for you, you have to first fail for the difficulty to go down. Other than that I really love this game and even spent money I love it so much. Keep it up!!

Fantastic Game!

The first game I've been solidly addicted to in a while. Rock on, Beat Fever 🤘🏻

So much incredible music!!!

I can't believe they have Marshmello in here and Bruno Mars and all this incredible music. I just played the new Oliver Heldens song and it was great. There are so many levels to this game. I like the story, the monster catching and the music.

I really like this game

For all the Rhythm games I've played, I think this one is the best one. There's so many artists and many interesting characters. And I love the music sprite designs. If I could put this out here, can you add metal/punk /classical rock into the mix please?


Good game, only you should be able to gain more energy points easier. You should also add better songs too. Categories like pop and stuff. Oh and make it a little more fun so that other people would like to join the online game. Cause I got on there and no one would join.


I really like this game like I'm playing it all the time. And I would just love to have some lipstick options for my avatar. Lol

Awesome game

One of the best games I've ever played


So cool!! 😎😎❤❤🌈🦄

Best Music App Ever!

I love this app even though I am just 8 years old!

Best Music Game!

Music and gaming is my favorite thing to do and this is the best music game I've played

Music, Pokemon and Sims Combined

This is an addictive music game, much like the old Tap Tap Revenge BUT much more. There is a story line, and you have an avatar to style. You can be part of crews that battle as you transverse the game, beating and collecting "monsters." These are really just special buttons that can help you score higher on a song but they can be tricked out with gear, fused with another or even evolved to make their powers even more. There is also multiplayer mode as well as various difficulties. La-la-la-lovin the game idea but NOT all the real money you need to spend to have a fighting chance, the constant and ongoing connection issues, glitches and bugs that make this game a waste of time and energy. I could look passed a bad update if customer support actually did something about all the loses you have daily or even resolved the issue. The fact is, as long as I have had this game (a few months now) I have had misses daily due to glitches and freezes and then lose my precious energy and stamina. As a long time music gamer, I have never experienced such a buggy game that freezes the fun right out of it.


Great game

So fun

Very tap tap

Bad service

One of the worst games running by the worst company ever !

finally. A legit music game let's go

Gone are the days of DDR, Guitar Hero, Rock band... or so I thought! Beat Fever brings it all back and with the latest music, all on your phone. Legit. Find me in Pvp lets go

Really nice music rhythm game!

Improved a lot on performance! Now it feels so smooth and beats are accurate, got lots fun events too! Nice game to play at leisure time

Glitches a bit

It glitches a bit but I love the have overall. Awesome songs!

Buen juego

Buena dificultad

It's ok

It's ok. 99% of missions are easy then one will randomly be impossible. Ok if you like hearing the same 6 songs a hundred times.

The game is kool

But you guys basically just robbed my money. I bought the 5 dollar deal u guys showed. And it didn't give me everything that it said it would. Rip off!

Fun game

Keeps your mind occupied better than a fidget spinner


ᗩᗯEᔕOᗰE GᗩᗰE ᗷᑌT ᗷE ᗩᗯᗩᖇE Oᖴ TᕼE ᗰᗩᔕᔕIᐯE ᕼᗩᑎᗪ ᑕᖇᗩᗰᑭᔕ ᖴᖇOᗰ ᑭᒪᗩYIᑎG 2 ᕼOᑌᖇᔕ ᔕTᖇᗩIT



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