Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App Reviews

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they make some levels WAAAAAY too difficult. and with no warning at all. just switches up the difficulty. then make you have “lives” that you need to pay more money for and you very easily lose health. they’re milking this for money every time you do anything they’re asking for you to buy something. worthless app. let me play some songs just for fun. quit challenging me all the time. stupid.

Download it!

Great game love the music and great for hand/eye coordination


The idea of the game is solid, but it’s overdone with the monsters and idiotic characters. After playing the same 6-7 songs like 10 times each, the game diversifies and then out of nowhere becomes ridiculously difficult, wouldn’t recommend unless you have plenty thumbs

Waste of time

Yes it’s cool and all to actually have a game that has modern songs in it, but there’s a lot of issues. 1 they constantly try to shove the $100.00 VIP membership down your throat every time you finish a level. 2 you have to buy certain songs or genres. 3 you have to wait upwards of an hour to get past a certain point or (very unsurprisingly) have to buy the next level (which would cost you 10 dollars). 4 there is a lot of lag with the app, especially when a notification pops up, and when there is the entire song gets un-synced and the timing is off. It’s like all other apps out there today, they’re all just hoping for you to accidentally buy they’re membership and get your money, do not waste your time with this app.

Cool, but....

I love the “guitar hero” part of this game, but everything else falls flat. They add these collectible monsters you must upgrade which didn’t need to be in the game, you can only play the same songs over and over, and the pop ups are so common and annoying. Almost a great game, but falls flat on every aspect except the actual gameplay.


It’s really really good game I’ve being waiting for a game that keeps me up going. Specially with the song.

Is a great game

This game is really fun. if you like Music with awesome beats or piano tiles this game is for you.


The app crashes every time I get on. Very unsettling.

Fun game

Its a fun game reminds me of rockband but without the instruments i love hpw you can duel its fun and entertaining.


This game is awesome but it has one problem... the hearts! I get to play like 5 songs then I run out. I feel they need to make hearts more abundant or take them out completely and come up with something else for vip users.


This game keeps me up all night. It’s like guitar hero except the music is dubstep/ top hits. It’s an actual challenge too! Not a knock off. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

The update is terrible!!

The new update on the game is completely off putting they only let you have one interactive album open unless you are a V.I.P which is unfair they’ve never done this before I’m an avid lover of this game and I’ve actually deleted it

Please fix

I’m pressing the button when the circle comes close but not even when the circle passes through where you need to press it marks it as miss and I hate it so much I need to wait for so long just to get more lives

I have two thumbs!

I loved this game, I love the music and how Ive played it. It’s been probably two or three weeks since it updated and now I can’t even play it. I have two thumb not three. I’m playing on my phone, I don’t know how others play but I play with my thumbs. I am very upset. This is too difficult. I’m sorry.

Not good.

The app itself is VERY buggy. Won’t let me play or click any songs. It’s crashed 3 times since I downloaded it.


I can’t figure out how to play against friends. Wondering if someone could give me some direction, thanks!

Amazing concept but not executed well

Whenever I play I notice that the notes coming down seem to be off. The notes seem behind the actual song and it throws me off sometimes. Fun game but that’s something they probably need to fix.

Some bugs to fix!!

Overall a really fun and addictive game, but 1) it’s super not cool how in the arena people from higher stages can come down and battle in the lower stages. It’s not at all fair to let a level 800 fight a level 150!! Please fix this :( I was at 350 then got beat by like 10 super high levels in a row and now I’m way behind :( 2) when I connected my Apple Music account the music that plays in the background is really glitchy and also not everyone likes that kind of music so either fix it and let people choose the songs or get rid of it completely please. Other than these two things, I love this game!! It’s so unique and fun and reminds me of guitar hero but has to cool aspect of the color teams and I really like it a lot. Looking forward to new updates and improvements!!

Great Rhythm Game... But a Few Concerns

I would enjoy it if you were to add a more wide variety of music, especially with the story mode. Another part is that some notes don’t fit the song well or just barely has any part in the song, notes like this make things difficult in rhythm games, I play both guitar hero and osu! And I don’t particularly enjoy when something is repeated on or overcharted.

Uh uhhhh uhhhhh

Y’all already know what’s up


whoever called this guitar hero is big gay.

great concept but horrible execution

i can’t tell what element of the song i’m playing along with, it just feels like i’m supposed to rap on random beats of the song, and the placement of the held notes is completely nonsensical. i have no trouble keeping time, i just don’t understand what part of the song i’m playing.


Playing bug

Bad bad bad

The friggin game won’t work!


it’s great game with great music just whenever you lose it gets easier which is super annoying because it doesn’t make the game challenging or make you want to play it or get better because it just gets easier every time

Brings me back to good old guitar hero days

This game is so much fun to play. It’s a little hard to figure out where to start, etc. but I’m having a great time working through this game. I would like it if there were more than 3 lives and you had the ability to earn some of the items without having to upgrade to vip or pay actual money for them. But overall, super fun!


Amazing game! I love it so much! Ever since I got it, I can’t get off playing it.

Maintain difficulty

This game is really fun, but I would love to have an option for the difficulty not to go down every time you fail a song. The point of playing the difficult songs is to master them and get good at it, which doesn’t work when you make the song easier and easier each time you have to replay it.

Beat Fever Review

I absolutely adore this game! There is a high variety of the music you can play as well as fun quests to do! I bought this game three days ago and I’m already obsessed! I also showed Beat Fever to my sister, and she can’t take her eyes off it! The only reason I give it four stars is because I dislike how I have to wait up to a half an hour if I fail a few times. If you could make it harder to lose hearts, that would be great. Keep up the great work!

Good concept- Poorly managed

Choose a different music game that is fair and support a company that cares instead of the makers of this game. They do not value their players and staff. Unfortunately the company is poorly ran, and this is reflected in the game. Look them up on GlassDoor. This game is intentionally unfair and the developers compare it to a slot machine even though playing music is a skill. This game is created to make players spend money. So if you want to gamble away your time and money this is the game for you. There are always bugs, game crashes and new features that do not work. The developers do not listen to customers and implement changes that no-one likes and refuse to change things back. This is not shocking since this is also how the company is ran and treats employees. There are many music games out there you can play where you will not be taken advantage of and coerced into spending real life money. A year ago this game was a RPG that tailored difficulty for each player which made the game really enjoyable. This is no longer an RPG. There are no virtual worlds. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at tapping to music. If you do not spend money, you will never do well.

I love it

This game finally brought up more skill based piano-tile like games. It gets very difficult very fast and for most that is a problem(me), but I’ve adjusted pretty well to it and the songs are amazing.

It feels off...

I really wish somebody can recreate a rhythm tap game like Tap Tap Revenge. The buttons felt right when u hit them unlike these huge circles you got in this game that you dont know when to tap to get a perfect because theyre HUGE. The search continues to find a game that comes close to tap tap revenge.

Um what?

I like the idea of the game, but the actual game play isn’t fun. While playing a song it doesn’t even feel like you are playing along with the song, it honestly just feels like you are pressing random button. I’m sorry but this is probably my least favorite rhythm to the lack of actual rhythm.... 😔😕

This is the worst tap beat game I’ve ever played

The taps have seriously nothing to do with the music playing it’s not on beat and has random holds that don’t even affect the song playing when u mess up I wish I could give less stars

Love it !

I love this game ! It’s such a great way to pass time. I used to love playing DJ hero 2 and this game is even better. The songs are amazing and I love how we can duel with other players. Love love love it !


Not really what I thought it would be, it’s no tap tap revolution that’s for sure. I hoped to play the entire song not a 30-40 second snippet. I miss tap tap games

Doesn’t add up.

Timing is off. Sometimes you’re tapping to the 4 count (top hits are NEVER an odd time signature), Sometimes you’re tapping to the rhythm of the vocal lines, sometimes you’re just tapping because a bubble is there. Very inconsistent and confusing. It just does not flow. As a musician, This is trash. Guitar hero is garbage. But I’d prefer it 10x more than this waste of iPhone space.


I could only play for so long before I finally couldn’t stand this game. I am a huge fan of these beat games and there is only one deciding factor which makes the game good or bad. The timing on the notes should be pretty accurate, but the entire time I played a song, every note is painfully off time. I enjoy the look of the game and it’s ideas, but it has to function correctly for it to be worth my time.

It’s good

It’s a fun game if u like the thrill of going fast with things like guitar hero or any of those games

Finger Detection

This app is really cool! It’s gives me modern iPhone guitar hero vibe and mixing it with a Pokémon go touch. But I can’t tell you what brings this app down. So many combos and mission have been lost because the app won’t detect the notes I’ve hit. This game focused on good looks over functionality. Fix this please.

A little TOO difficult sometimes

I’ve been playing rhythm games for more than 3 quarters of my life .. my coordination is really good. guitar hero, rock band etc. but why are y’all throwing three notes at me at one time expecting me to pull out a third thumb 😂😂😂 that’s my only prob

It got boring

This game used to be fun now they made it hard to do challenges and also it’s very buggy still there’s no improvement


It is really glitchy anytime I go to connect my Spotify account or go to my profile it just freezes. Also another issue I have is when I hit the correct beats it tells me I am missing them all! I really do hate to give you a one star but can you please fix the bugs. And maybe once that is all fixed I could give it a better review!

It’s ok I guess

It’s a good game don’t get me wrong but the interactive album when you get a song wrong the buzz and the noise throws me off track.

Beat fevers

I love this game so much this is the first and last game I play everyday

It’s pretty good, but there are some problems.

I remember seeing something about the game and thinking, “Hey. I love music. This seems like a great game for me.” I really enjoyed playing it at first, but it kinda went down hill. To start off with, it got hard really fast. Like, it wasn’t even a gradual escalation either. It was like they threw you into the deep end of a pool without anything to keep you afloat. Then, there are those swiping notes. There’s way too many to keep up with. The last problem that I have that I’m gonna put on the review is a problem that I keep having that I have no clue how to fix. I wanted to do the chill country interactive album, but it wouldn’t work. It kept saying that I had a connection error when I tried to play the first song. I tried turning off my WiFi, and that didn’t work. I tried turning the WiFi back on, and that didn’t work. I tried exiting out of the app and loading the song after I got the error, and that didn’t work. I tried deleting the app and reinstall it several times, and that didn’t work. Now, with the update where I can only do one album without getting VIP, I can’t do anything. If I want to do anything now, I’m gonna have to delete the app and reinstall it. I really like the game, but it could use some fixing.

Add multiplayer against friends

Battle against your friends support !!!


Very buggy

Awesome game but

The game is cool and awesome but it keeps on crashing and get stuck sometimes I am playing it with my Iphone 7+ idk why its frozen sometimes. Well not sure if I am gonna recommend this. But its a cool game

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