Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App Reviews

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Fun, but buggy

This game is fun, but the last update seems to have exacerbated bugs rather than fix them. The app now crashes so often that it's now nearly impossible to progress through gameplay.

Love love love it

Love this game! I've been searching for a good rhythm game for a while now, finally found it! This game is colorful and bright, fun and energetic, and has some great songs. EDIT!!!!!:::: So after this latest update I change my rating to 3. I really like the new energy system, I can finally play more than 2 songs! But, the mine thing? No. I was on the last part of a boss stage when there were two notes after each other, first note was a mine, I didn’t press the mine, but when I pressed the note after it the mine exploded anyways. Too close together. It was on hard difficulty too, so close notes are always appearing. This seems unavoidable. So it’s a Good thing this is a trial period, yes get rid of the mines! Also, what’s up with everyone starting all over again? That was a mistake. Some things are great, for a free game, but this latest update has some issues. Stop trying to over do it. I don’t know what people mean by lag and crashing. I don’t really crash much, and every once and a while it’ll lag during a song but that could just be internet, nothing is perfect. Lastly, I appreciate the game and will continue playing. I’ll change my rating once this latest update mishap has been fixed. Thank you.

Fun but glitches

This game is very fun but it glitches a lot and it is hard to play a song when it glitches

Not crazy about the new update

Although I love that with the new update instead of using energy to play, you use lives, and only lose them if you don’t achieve the goal (now I can play longer yay), I don’t like that I had to start over from the beginning of the story. But I did get to keep my monsters. And speaking of monsters, it seems kind of impossible to catch any, and if I do catch one by mistake, it escapes and I have to try again to catch it but I never could. And the mines that they added are kind of annoying. They mess with the beat. It beats the purpose of this game.

Facebook info posted in game without consent!

This new update is horrible. 1) all progress in all zones was lost/reset...lost many hours of progress as a result. The developer response is that all progress was reset as intended. 2) your Facebook profile picture and real name is now displayed in game. There is currently no way to turn it off. I did not give consent to display that information in game. Beware of the loss of privacy without consent. Sadly I would recommend staying away from this game for now.

Don't like the new update

Loved the game before the update. But now the game seems to run slower and is really buggy. I also dislike the Pokémon go thing they added and the bombs. If I wanted to play crappy Pokémon Go then I woulda downloaded it. I don't like the bombs because it throws me off rhythm and if the bomb is too close to a beat I need to hit the bomb would explode. Please fix your game and be more original with your monster catching please.

Missions and Mines

The game itself, before the update, was fine well except the the whole energy system where it drained so quickly after 2 songs. However, there is so much problems with this that it is not even fun anymore. Like the mission where the main objective is to avoid the mine, it is not fun since considering most players before the update have the habit of playing by tapping all the beats, and specifically it is not fun when the numbers of mines to avoid is so low making each failure so high. Especially when mine notes and notes are so close together it will register the mine as a hit. The game, after the update, is terrible with missions furthermore, since after achieving the number of accuracy, such as “291/291 Good+ Beats”, the mission would still deem it as a failure and the character telling you “You need to hit 0 beats more” what is up with that?! Everything is fine and dandy. I like the 3 lives system where you get to play endless and numerous of songs, but with mission specificity after the update, the fun it just taken away without the music. What’s the point of having “avoid the mines” if the whole point of the game is just to “be the master of the music” or follow the beats. Also thanks for deleting all of my progress files that I have played weeks or possibly months on, and now I am now going to be stuck on the same mission because the mission just only requiring so much attention than following and getting lost into the musical beats.


Overall great game. Just change the freaking songs. I keep playing the same songs over and over again. Make so variety. I can only play fireball and cheerleader so much. It makes me not want to play. And the new catch system is completely un-needed. If I wanted to play Pokémon go I would download it. Lastly the animations between songs is not needed. Just slows down play times. Still love the game. Just wish I could play more songs or pick songs to play. That should be a feature for at least all acces members.

I want to love it but too much glitches

There's a few glitches I've noticed, like sometimes you tap on the note on the left side of the screen but it didn't register so it was a miss. It freezes up and crashes a lot! In middle of playing my notifications would come and during those seconds of it coming in the game would freeze as a result it caused me to miss notes! Also at times it have connection problems. It just reaching a point of being unplayable just when it first came out when I played, I had to uninstall because of all the glitches. Is it possible for users to store their game progress somewhere else other then Facebook?

Not too bad

I enjoy the game and it has a super fun concept, but it's very buggy and microtransaction heavy. At least after crashing it saves your stuff so that's not too bad. The game is playable but still has a long way to go.

Fun but dumb at the same time

Beat Fever is a fun game but once you get to level 3 in the Temple you can’t do anything unless you pay money for it which I think is dumb!

Love the update

Now it’s so easier to find other players that are in same place as you it’s really fun I love the new songs add this update is amazing there less bug fixes and more fun

Still needs work

I've been a fan of this game for some time now, but even with the updated new versions there are still some really frustrating aspects. The app still crashes in the middle of songs, loading time while traveling to different sections lags. Maybe the app just can't handle all that they're trying to jam pack into it. The new boss levels that have mines to avoid are an interesting challenge, but hitting one mine across three songs in a row and you're done is nearly impossible to beat. When a real note follows too closely to a mine, your accuracy has to be absolutely perfect or the game will register that you were just slightly late hitting the mine that came before the note. The new lives feature is cool, but when you lose a boss battle after only two seconds because the mines are too close to the real notes, it makes the game really frustrating and impossible to move forward. Fix these things and the game will be perfect!

Was fantastic. Very broken right now.

TL;DR: Used to Love. Update is awful. My crew members are leaving the game because of the update. Update 11/18/17: This game was an addiction for me. The latest update has made it almost unplayable. They have added "mini games" which are stupid, do not function properly, and make you stuck at a certain place in the game for days. They have two competing energy systems which the game itself cannot process. It is slower than molasses now. When I can get past these things and play the game like it used to be, I like it. If I were just downloading this game now, I would probably delete it. It is immensely frustrating and I hope they fix it. I am a crew admin and we have people leaving the game because of this update. This is how I felt about the previous version: Yes, there are bugs. Sure, there are ways to improve the game. But this game is immersive and addictive. This is how I get my Rock Band (can I say that here?) fix, since I can't play that game multiple times a day with my friends. My biggest hope is to increase the diversity of music. There used to be more songs, and I assume they lost the rights. If you're a music rep reading this, please know I have purchased albums that I've found through this game. And if you've got a hip hop song with a compelling beat, I'll probably buy more. I'm generally a strict "do not pay for phone games" kind of person. Not so here. I have the membership, and think it is worth it. Yes, I agree those reminder pop ups with package offers are a little annoying. But this is a better game because of a revenue stream, and it's WAY better than having ads. I'm looking forward to more squashed bugs and more fun.

What happened to the game I enjoyed?!

I used to play this game all the time. It was like a beefed up Tap Tap Revenge with a story line. Then I installed the most recent update today (11/18/17) and all my progress is gone. The story line has changed. What the heck? Why would you do this? I was literally on the last world with 5 battles to go and you reset it?!?! Dude really?! So disappointed.


Takes up way too much space on your phone.

Just leave it alone developers!

Great game in concept. Super fun, cool songs. But developers continue to "update" and every single time it seems like they wipe the game and start over! Updates are supposed to add to the game as is and fix bugs. My game has crashed continually since I started playing but now with the new update, it's making it impossible to play. Not to mention the fact that my ENTIRE game progress was deleted! I come back after not playing for two days and everything is gone. I'm back at square one going through the stupid tutorial. Now, even though I have 85 energy, which should be plenty to allow me to play songs, it's telling me I need these green hearts? What the crap?! Super fed up and about to ditch a fun game because developers can't figure out their design!

Not loving the latest update

I was close to the end of the story and this update started me over! I have the same monsters and levels, but I have to go through all the story over again, even though it claims to be a new story. Also, catching the monsters is not an enjoyable mini game and is nearly impossible for me. Maybe I am just not good at it, but it takes away from the game. The only plus to this new update is the lives instead of energy. I was able to play for much longer with the hearts. Not sure if I will keep this game now. I have no desire to start over every time they decide to update it.

Keep my progress please!!

I don’t have Facebook and I don’t want to get get it just for a game! When you first get on a game, it says that you can either sign into Facebook or you can’t keep my promise. I kept saying to not keep my progress and it always did keep my progress. But up to this recent update, I got onto the game, and it started me all the way back to the beginning. I still had everything that I used to have, but now I have to restart from the beginners level! I will probably be deleting this game after this unless something is changed.

Too much change

Every new update changes the game entirely, but somehow still leaves the small glitches that were annoying to start with. Make up your mind and stick with it, or at least introduce the changes gradually. Also, the bombs are dumb. Like really dumb. I kind of hate the game now because of them.

New update

Before I didn’t like that game because of how little you could play because of how quick you’d go through energy but that was fixed with the new update which now goes off of lives. But I have recently been losing lives when in fact I had completed all of the goals of a song. I don’t if this is a glitch or something else but FIX IT I KEEP LOSING LIVES FOR NO REASON!!

I hope they fix this update

I’ve been playing this game for a few months, and the most recent update changed a lot of things. They introduced a new life meter, which I liked, and a lot of the game has been streamlined, which is nice. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make up for a lot of new bugs and several new features that are just terrible. When I updated, all of my story progression was lost. That is a HUGE bug. And on certain story missions, I’ll complete all the requirements, but still fail the mission. As for the new features, having to catch beat monsters with a disc is an obvious Pokémon GO ripoff, and it feels really terrible and unresponsive. I think it was better when you just had to beat song requirements to capture the beat monsters. The new candies requirement is kind of moot, since the point of a rhythm game is to hit as many notes as perfectly as possible anyway. I think the “HIT X+ NOTES” requirement is better. And the mines idea was an awful one, and in my opinion should not have been implemented. It’s a RHYTHM game. You’re SUPPOSED to hit the notes, not purposely miss them. And even though I like the new life meter, I think it could lead to balancing issues, and I think a better idea would be to be able to choose your own difficulty when you play songs instead of having the game choose for you or buying an all-access pass. I think the game is really enjoyable and a unique idea, but these things make the game less fun to play, so I hope they’re fixed in the future.


Best thing you could’ve done for this app. I love that I only lose a life if I don’t pass the song, I can play for much longer this way!! Thank you for making it even more enjoyable

Don’t like the new update

I dislike how they meshed the Pokémon go aspect of catching monsters into this game as well as the new challenge mode to songs. The challenge mode gives you a specific amount of candies you have to obtain to complete the song as well as not hitting any mines. The mines take the place of notes, which can greatly throw you off beat, and if you hit just one you lose and have to repeat the song. This game was really fun to play just the way it was, but I don’t find it as fun with the new update


This game is great, don’t get me wrong. However, the most recent update screwed everyone who has been currently playing the game. We all got sent back to the beginning and told to replay the whole story mode, when I’ve completed this already (and it took me over two months to accomplish while regularly playing). Why do I have to do it again? You’ve deleted all of everyone’s progress just to play your “new gameplay?” Not cool. Also, the integration of lives from energy is still completely buggy. You still offer boxes with energy, and get notifications when your power is low in the arena/event (“you have 165 energy to use, do you want to go back to story mode?”). I like the lives feature, but you guys didn’t resolve software bugs that would go with the switch. Another critique, why candy? Why mines? Why is this turning into candy crush? This feature is incredibly useless and is irrelevant to the whole game. It’s not exciting, it’s irritating and makes absolutely no sense with the rest of the game. With the more updates that have been put out, the lag has gotten worse as well. You’re in the middle of a song and all of a sudden it lags and you miss 8 notes? Not okay. My game crashes increasingly as well. Honestly, I can see where you were trying to take the game, but the decisions made for this were not thought out enough. I’ve loved playing this game for several months now but I’m very close to giving up just because of how horrible this update is. td;lr - Game is great but this new update is rough and not well thought out.

What the crap!

I downloaded this app last night I was having a BLAST playing it just wish I would have got to play whole songs. I went to bed closed the app out and just now I tired to get on it and play and it had this thing that says ( Uh oh! A new version of Beat Fever is available. Download the new version now to continue playing) Then it has a button to press that says download so I pressed it and it took me to my iTunes Store and it showed me was the app and it said open and I pressed open and it brought back to the app and had that same thing up and it won’t let me play unless I get the new version. HOW CAN I GET THE NEW VERSION IF IT WONT LET ME DOWNLOAD IT OR EVEN SHOW ME THE NEW VERSION?! I’m REALLY bummed out about this because I really enjoyed playing this game it’s fun and has good music but now I have no use for it if I can’t play it. I hope whatever the problem is with this gets fixed so I can play.

Crashes upon opening

Saw the ad for this and decided to give it a try. After installing I went to open it and it crashes every time. It gives me a message saying new version available must download. When I click continue it just takes me back to the App Store where there is no new version or update. If u guys get this fixed I’ll change my review.

Purchase verification is insanely slow

Bought an all-access pass on 11/05. It’s 11/17 and I still haven’t had all-access benefits unlocked. Contacted support about this on 11/07. After all the back and forth and still no access. Other than that, the gameplay itself is fun in that the difficulty progression in each song is challenging but doable. Could do without so many prompts to buy stuff all the time. That’s actually why I wanted a pass. Because what I get out of games is that escapism from the real world so if I have to be thinking about real money all the time I can’t mentally escape the same way. I want to just pay once and then just play. Guess I’ll have to keep looking for the successor of the Tap Tap series.

Loved it

Totally it's out of this world ☹️👏🏼

Great game challenging but doable

The only downside is energy

Made improvements!!

I appreciate your update in reply to my last review. Playing the game is much more enjoyable now that energy is only needed for catching monsters and playing events. The only thing I have a problem with now is the frequency of the events. At first they didn’t happen as often, so it was fun to go and play them, but now there’s a new event every week almost. Most of the events don’t even include new songs or features, and some even re-hash events that already happened. I really don’t see the need to do this. The novelty of participating in an event kind of wears down if there’s a new one every week, they become uninteresting and you don’t want to play them anymore.


New version crashes in the arena. During battle it automatically quits my game. Stop rolling out these new “fixes”

So much incredible music!!!

I can't believe they have Marshmello in here and Sia, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam and all this incredible music. You feel like you're creating the music as you're tapping through. There are so many levels to this game. I like the story, the monster catching and the music.



Pretty Fun

Dialogue and Story could use some work and would like to see more diversity in Music or just more options in general, but it's a pretty fun game and I love the concept of the little music monsters.


This games is freaking amazing! It so much fun, it's like Guitar hero, which I love that game too. Overall I'm already addicted to this game 🤞🏼. One of the best games ever!!

Can relate to guitar hero

AMAZING GAME.. SOO addicted, very fun I recommend ! 😛

Fun when it works

Often, it is slow and it crashes and lags a lot. I wish it didn't, because it's fun.


Different and fun! Can’t stop playing it!

Extremely upset

The app forced me to log into Facebook and when I did it started me completely over from the very beginning after spending hours of my time and even my own money, now it's just down the effing drain, thanks

Amazing, fun, and addicting

It’s a great game overall just needs a few more new songs😁


It’s awesome

Awesome game

Just awesome

Pretty nice

Took a while to figure out but overall pretty good

Addicting way to explore today’s hits and other genders

I was addicted to piano tiles and made it to the point where I couldn’t level up anymore I love that the layout of this game is similar but I don’t like how some notes jump to the neighboring column

This game is amazing!

I’m absolutely addicted to this game! When I saw the ad, I just KNEW I had to download it! I’ve been hooked on it ever since! Thank you for creating this game and spreading the awesomeness of music around the world! ❤️😘🤗


Very cool game

Beat fever

It has the best challenges in the game and music 😁

This game is pretty amazing

At first it might seem a lot but when you get the hang of it it’s fun with actually great music and remix

Great game but bugs every update

I cant even play the game anymore due to it kicking me out of the level im trying to play as soon as it starts. Along with the following bugs: when you lose and try again it starts off from where you lost with zero health wasting 7 power, missing notes even though you hit them, and some long notes disappearing as you hit them throwing everything off beat.

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