Beat Fever: Music Rhythm Game App Reviews

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Please update songs!

Great game but different songs would be nice instead of the same ones over and over

How anyone!!?!?!

How I can change gender I don't want to be a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been playing this game for a little and it has been great. It's just that some times my left monster doesn't work and it's super annoying. And from what I can tell thr left monster is the strongest.


Can you please add something so the player can be a boy.

Used to be fun

New events are impossible to beat certain stages that require you to have pay to win monsters to even remotely get close to the score required to beat it, upgrading low level monsters require WAY too much gold in game to get to a remotely feasible usable monster. Too pay to win to be fun for a casual player since you’ll never hit the top of the leader boards to get the good prizes without dropping hundreds of dollars.

I’d give it a 0

Hardly can get into the game without it crashing constantly. Doesn’t save progress at all. So if you delete it you’re screwed.


just updated it and it keeps crashing at 70%

What’s with the servers?

Btw I love this game, and it’s really helped me with keeping a beat and maintaining tempo which is great for my music classes. I’ve been having problems with finding a server for the past day, and I can’t get into the app. It just loads forever and tells me there was a “server error” and to try again later. I did this, and I checked in about 4 times through this day. I don’t know what’s going on, but I hope it passes soon.

No skill

Well I had some hope that this will be some type of music social game. There is no skill to the game what so ever. The arena all what matters is who has a stronger team. Not the best combos or accuracy. In my opinion that is just plain dumb.

Beat fever

I love this game but they should add more hip hop songs

Loving it

People are upset because of the update however, my experience has nothing but good. It’s a good dose of hard mixed with easy and it makes me type better too. I recommend playing it if you like piano tiles and pop music.

Used to be great.

I had previously given this app 5 stars. Several months ago they changed the app significantly - for the worse. It gets worse with every update. They don’t adequately test before releasing updates, which makes for a terrible, error-filled user experience. They force you to follow artists on Spotify, giving you no option other than to click follow in order to proceed. My crew spends a lot of time in chat talking about the various problems in the game. The developers don’t listen to feedback and dismiss every suggestion for bug improvement. I used to have a paid subscription. Now I really dislike the game. I’ve only stayed because of my crew. I don’t trust these developers at all because they show no interest in responding to constructive feedback. Don’t give them your money.

Timing Is Off

The notes are falling slightly off from the beats in the song. Impossible to play


This game fills the void for all music lovers! You don't have to be a gamer to love this game. You can play LIVE with all of your favorite DJ's whether they are in their studios or playing live at festivals. This game crushes DDR, Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Hero and Rockband!!!! I've been waiting for a game like this for so long and it's finally here. I've been playing this game non-stop and literally dancing to the beat in my chair at work. Joining crews makes it even MORE fun cause I can sit here and play with my friends and coworkers and jam out to the same dope tracks. Playing against other crews in a live PVP is craziness...CRAZINESS. It's just wild. You can play an ENTIRE CREW of people and straight up battle them in real time and earn some dope rewards. There are so many crazy features in this game that I have to carry around my 22,000mAh battery pack with me like white on rice. You can play in live events every weekend with REAL ARTISTS...yes...the actual ARTISTS PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOU! I could literally go on and on about this game. I don't see myself not playing any time soon. I'm straight up addicted! Make sure you play with your headphones to jam out while you play. I haven't even been using Spotify or Soundcloud because all my favorite tracks are in the actual game AND you can play them AND you can play them with your friends.

Love this app

This is so much fun for my daughter every day she wants to play I think they could give more lives but is Fun

My account got erased

I really loved this game but When i loged in my monsters were still there but my progress was erased i have to start from the beginning like this is ridiculous its really pissin me off because i got very far and was a high level now im stuck on level 1 this is crazy

Me encanta!

Esta App me divierte mucho!

Used to be Lots of fun

Great music and lots of fun. Love this game! **That was true before the update where you gets chests for completing songs. You can only hold 3 chests at a time and each chest takes a minimum of 3h to open unless you want to open them with gems. Gems cost $$$ So if you keep playing w/o opening you miss out on some higher level chests. I’m not really sure if the game is worth it anymore 😥

Over it

Used to love this game until I realized you never actually play half of the songs that are promised, it’s typically just the same 10 songs on repeat. The developers continue to make updates that just make the game more agitating than fun. It’s not even worth having anymore.

Hated it at first...but now

I hated this game at first because of all the pathetic and unnecessary updates it needed, but after reaching level 199... I kinda hope that they'll add more levels to it. Why is because once you beat lvl 199 Bria says that we have to save her monster pyro by getting him back to the Temple stage to do so. And that we also have to warn the rest of the rebellion about an upcoming war. We need more levels please. I wanna know what happens next.


Idk if you can toggle it off or not but whenever a song is going to end and i don’t have enough combos or perfect hits this fire alarm starts blaring drowning out the music in a game where 50% of the game is HEARING THE MUSIC. I’ve enjoyed the game (for the most part) but this alarm makes the game unplayable. I’m just confused how this got into the update.

Used to be good

I mean this game used to be fun and a quick way to pass time. But now it says miss even when I clearly hit the note right on.


The new update changes the way the game is payed out and makes the levels so much harder. The game shows this part at the top of the screen which contains your challenge progress and it covers half the screen. During boss levels its hard to tell where the mines are placed and its just harder to play. The game use to be fun and addicting but now the developers are just making the game annoying. not to mention the game is all pay to win and no longer fun.

Really dislike the recent update

This sounds really petty, I apologize, but the recent update switching the side of the boost and now adding a loud, continuous buzzer whenever you’ve missed something? We already know- that’s why we have the extra lives. It’s really disorienting, I miss notes a lot trying to get what I’m used to being on the left side.


This a very fun game. My new favorite!!!

Micro transactions

Waaay to many micro transactions!!!

The best beat game ever in the App Store!

Beat fever is something I recommend for teens grown ups and kids(I don’t know I i should recommend for kids)this game is about you on your journey fighting beat monsters,bosses,and more!

Update is worst one by far & the previous ones were bad to begin with

Updates are supposed to make the game better. I’ve put up with the bugs, dumped money into this game and dealt with the frustration of previous updates. But changing the interface so that the boost button is on the opposite side of the screen is just too much. I put time & effort into learning songs, moving that button has made it impossible for me to play like I used to & Im not sure that I’m going to keep playing if that doesn’t change back. It fundamentally throws off everything. My VIP access is a joke right now bc it’s so not fun now that I don’t even want to play. I’m muddling through for my crew in this event but I pretty much hate it. And the new alarm noise going off to tell me I’m about to fail a song, brilliant really bc that’s not going to totally throw me off & stress me out. Blocking the top portion of the screen with the goal wasn’t irritating enough? Had to double down with sound effects. But hey at least “hit boost” is an actual goal now, it’s challenging when you move the button around & then I can miss other goals by a note bc I met that one. Fun, fun.

Update is terrible

Get ready for your ears to bleed when an UNNECESSARY blaring alarm starts if you aren’t going to be able to finish the goal. The boost button has become inaccessible as well. For some reason the developers are focusing on adding stupid “features” or changes instead of fixing bugs. This game becomes incredibly unusable at times when they do this. Not a guaranteed great experience at all. Very poor development of the game even though I love the Tap Tap music concept.

Distracting Alarm

Please get rid of that really really bad alarm at the end of the song signaling that you don’t have a lot of time to finish the objective it makes you loose concentration and that you’re missing notes


I got this game, was placed into a queue with 4,479 people?! I’ve been waiting for hours and it hasn’t moved!


Do not get the game this is absolutely horrible there’s a waiting list to the game oh my Lord do not waste your time waiting on this game this is not worth your time this is just piece of crap do not get the game I am warning you do not waste your time on this game!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬😡😡


Wow! This is SO fun!!! It’s actually challenging enough, uses REAL/popular songs, and the beats are realistically timed. Soo fun try it if you truly love music!!!

Doesn’t work

Loads to 95% then gives no internet connection error, multiple times. Forget it.

What i love about this game

I love not spending much money when I play this game . this game is very neice to me !!


I had gotten so far in this game connected to my facebook account. Got a new phone, logged in, and the game is completely glitched. Stuck in Sakura and when I try to play a song a random character says I have to tap on them and they are nowhere to be seen. Cannot access anything. It’s like I’m starting the game over again. Wish I could give 0 stars.

Hell yes

One of the best apps I’ve ever played. It’s a challenge but I love it

This game keeps glitching

The game is fun and all, but before I even enter a virtual world, the game starts glitching and the music starts breaking and the whole game just shuts down and exits off.

Super fun

Super fun game I haven’t had any problems within the app. Not a huge fan of the background music but everything else is great!!


Horrible music selection edm is straight trash

Love the new layout

Longer song plays, better music, less friction between the plays


No annoying every time I have to wait so long until my heart refills but I just want to keep playing!!!!!😒😭😭

Music Off Sync

It’s a good concept ever since Tap Tap Revenge. But the music isn’t even close to lining up with the buttons.


Me gusta la música y el juego es interesante y divertido. Las gráficas son de muy buena calidad.

Best app!

If you wanna play to any of your own songs, this app is for you! It's so awesome!!

Is a good game, but..

I install the app yesterday, and I expect more of the development, I really don’t like the idea of the songs are played in short time, it will be good if the songs are played completely, other thing is the hearts like other apps if you run out of hearts to continue the app gives you a free video something to have a free heart when the video is finished, it will be a great idea if you do that, I highly appreciated. Even the shop the hearts, the gems, everything.. is quite expensive.

Fun but irritating.

It's fun and addicting but the new capture system is really irritating. Even after the fix if I catch the beat monster it says "oh no! Something went wrong" and disconnects me. It happens every single time.

Pretty easy!

I am far in this game, and I think this game is bit to easy. Beat Fever could have some more songs and harder challenges. Beat Fever has a long way to go still, but it is still my favorite game!


Although it is a great game, I do have a few problems. First, some of the buttons are broken. I’ll tap the beat, and it won’t do anything, so it’ll miss. Second, catching the Beat Monsters is way too difficult. I’ll throw a curve and land it in the orange circle, and it will still break free and escape. Plus, the hit boxes for the Beat Monsters are slightly broken, because sometimes the discs just phase through it. If these kinks are worked out, I’d be playing a lot more often. Until then, 3 stars.

The old version is better

I like the way it was original made not the new update its confusing and the others stuff in the old update were great

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